Refund Policy

Eligible for Refund:

  1. Incorrect Unlocking Code: If, having worked with our technician to get the code to work, and we cannot get the code to work, you'll be refunded.
  2. Criteria Mismatch: If we can't unlock your phone that meets network criteria.
  3. Premium Service Failures: If the service fails for any reason, you'll be refunded along with any Standard Service payments you have made.
  4. Remote USB Unlock: Refund is given if the service is incompatible or doesn't work.
  5. Specific iPhone Issue: Refunds are provided if an iPhone unlock fails solely due to "Incompatible Sim" message. Proof in the form of a video is required.

Not Eligible for Refund:

  1. Already Unlocked phones: No refund if you order an unlock for an already unlocked phone.
  2. No Unlocking Code Prompt: No refund if you purchased an unlocking code, but your Android phone doesn't prompt for a code when using an incompatible sim card.
  3. Multiple Orders: No refund if you order from multiple providers and request a refund based on notification timings.
  4. Criteria Not Met: If your phone requires an upgrade (e.g., from Standard to Premium Service), any initial payments are non-refundable.
  5. Wrong IMEI: No refund if the provided IMEI is incorrect.
  6. Eligibility Check: These checks are non-refundable.
  7. Blocked/Blacklisted Phones: If your phone is blocked, stolen, or lost, no refund is provided.
  8. Hard-Locked Phones: If your phone is hard-locked by the carrier, no refund is provided.
  9. Specific Device Issues: If the device is hard locked, or if it's an Android that doesn't ask for a code.
  10. Delay in IMEI: No refund for delays.
  11. Existing Device Issues: No refunds for phones with issues like blacklisting, activation lock, or hardware malfunctions.
  12. iCloud Activation Lock on iPhones: Contact the iPhone owner for iCloud removal or buy our iCloud Removal service. Sim unlocks won't be refunded if the device is unusable due to Activation Lock. Check for Activation Lock at
  13. Sony/Samsung Errors: No refund if your device has exceeded the maximum number of incorrect attempts.

Please ensure your device is in working order before purchasing our services.